A Warning About Escort Deposit Scams

Monday 10th February 2014

There seems to be a new scam emerging on escort directories that involves criminals setting up fake escort profiles from which they request booking deposits from interested clients. Needless to say, once the deposit is paid the person posing as an escort disappears.

I usually manage to stop such profiles appearing on Manchester Lads but, with criminals being as clever as they are, today one (using the name James Taylor and number 07472 000 838) slipped through and I didn't become aware of the problem until someone told me they'd been scammed. This situation obviously isn't on and it's important you protect yourself from it.

My advice is not to pay deposits unless there's good reason, for example the escort has to pay travel costs in order to get to you. Even then, limit the deposit to a reasonable amount to cover that cost and pay using a method that has buyer protection such as PayPal. It's next to impossible to get a bank transfer refunded. PayPal have several options for sending payments, only the "Buy Goods and Services" option offers buyer protection.

Previous reviews will give you a good idea as to how well established and reliable an escort is. If an escort is brand new to Manchester Lads, be wary of paying money to them in advance of your meeting.

If an escort requests a deposit for an in call ("to reserve the time") or for any reason that sounds at all dubious, please move onto another escort and don't risk losing your money. Most professional escorts do not require deposits in most situations, so do not be caught out by someone who tells you otherwise.

Please report any problems with a specific escort using the Send Review button on their advertisement. If their ad is no longer current, you may contact me directly instead.