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Yorkshire's a big place! And although Leeds is certainly the most popular city for escorts and massage in this region, Bradford, Sheffield and other places are rapidly becoming hot spots for meeting hot and sexy men too.

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'Dale Leeds' Jailed

Escort jailed for blackmailing Leeds businessman over gay affair - Yorkshire Evening Post, October 2015

John Walker advertised here under the name Dale Leeds but was removed due to complaints some time ago. The client concerned in this article is unknown to me, and I do not know which directory he met John through.

I've posted the above link to show that such behaviour is unacceptable and will be taken seriously by the authorities. John now has 32 months to reflect upon what he has done.

Good escorts know that discretion is part of the service they offer. Please be assured that most escorts are good guys who wish to earn their living honestly. A case such as this is a rarity and does not reflect on the other escorts that advertise here.

Please do contact me should you have any concerns.

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