Advice About Paying Deposits

Last updated Saturday 26th April 2021

Whilst I do my best to ensure the independent escorts and masseurs advertising on Manchester Lads are genuine, occasionally fakes have gotten through. In this scenario, I don't find out about a problem until a client gets in touch to advise they've been conned.

I'm also aware of one instance of an escort's phone being stolen, with the thief who took it then asking for deposits from every client that called.

I'd like to stress these occurrences are rare but, due to their seriousness, it's worth taking precautions when paying a deposit.

If you are asked for a deposit when booking, I would ask you to consider the following:

  • Does the person you're speaking to sound like you would expect from their pictures and profile information?
  • Is it reasonable for them to be asking for a deposit? For example, will they incur costs travelling to you?
  • Is the deposit amount reasonable? Covering travel costs in advance is acceptable, expecting all or part of their fee in advance may not be.

If an advertiser requests a large deposit for an in call ("to reserve the time") or for any reason that sounds at all dubious, please move onto someone else and don't risk losing your money. Most professional escorts and masseurs do not require deposits unless non-local travel is involved, so do not be caught out by someone who tells you otherwise.

Previous reviews will give you a good idea as to how well established and reliable an advertiser is. If the advertiser is new to Manchester Lads, be wary of paying money to them in advance of your meeting.

If you do decide paying a deposit is reasonable, you can further limit your risk by using a payment method that has buyer protection. It's next to impossible to get a bank transfer refunded, so only use this method for amounts you can afford to lose.

If you're uncomfortable paying a deposit, it might be possible to send a taxi or purchase train tickets for the escort to collect instead.

When Things Go Wrong

If you find an advertiser goes quiet after you've send a deposit it may be that you have been scammed, though sometimes things just go wrong. Please get in touch so that I may liaise with the advertiser to find out what's going on.

Report problems with a specific advertiser using the Send Review button on their profile. If their ad is no longer current, you may contact me directly instead.

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