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If you're new to escorting, or even if you're not, it's helpful to get advice from other people in the industry. Check out the links on this page for a range of information you may find useful, from escort guides to photographers. Maybe you'd even like to earn some extra pennies by getting into the movie business.

Information and Advice

When reading American (or other foreign) information relating to escorting, there may be references to prostitution being illegal. This is not the case in the Great Britain, sex work is legal here providing certain conditions are met, please educate yourself regarding the law.

Paying for sex was criminalised in Northern Ireland in 2015 (thanks to the DUP) though the law has failed to affect "the demand for prostitution, the number of active sex workers in the jurisdiction and levels of human trafficking for sexual exploitation".

Selling sex remains legal throughout the UK provided it is done privately, both parties are over 18 and make arrangements directly. Caveats apply, please read up on the law.

These two guides cover information relating to escorting in the UK and may be downloaded in PDF format:

Sorted Men Guide to Selling Sex (PDF)  Sex Workers and the Law (PDF)
  • Good Escort Advice Forum - Escort only forum where escorts can chat about escort related matters.
  • Saafe - Essential reading for escorts, published by other escorts. Although aimed at woman, most of the advice applies to male escorts too.
  • The Male Escort's Handbook - Aaron Lawrence's great book on the subject.
  • Tax Relief for Escorts - A plain talking guide to UK tax and escorting. Recommended.


  • TLC Trust - The TLC Trust keeps a list of disabled friendly escorts. Register here if you're happy to cater to disabled clients.


  • Lesbian and Gay Foundation - Safer sex, mental health, counselling and support for lesbian, gay and bisexual people and gay escorts in the North West.
  • Frank - Free confidential drugs information and advice.
  • NUM Mental Health Resources - Directory of sex worker-friendly therapists; grief and loss resources; suicide prevention resources; and guided relaxation audio, which you can make use of at any time
  • NUM Vocational Support - For those considering a career outside of sex work, NUM offers workshops assist with both professional and personal goals.
  • Northern Sexual Health - NHS sexual health services across Manchester (some services available by post).
  • Locala Sexual Health - NHS sexual health service for Stockport, Tameside and Yorkshire (some services available by post).
  • Fettle Heath - Private (paid) STI testing and treatment via post.


  • Bengie Chester - This keen and friendly amateur photographer offers free photo shoots for men in Chester. Recommended by more escorts than I can mention.
  • Michael Brad - Michael is a Manchester based commercial photographer with experience creating model and escort portfolios. Other than his homepage, he also publishes some of his portfolio work on his Tumblr blog The Bait Effect.

Adult Modelling

  • Cazzo Film - A German producer of porn who regularly employ British models. Generally they go for masculine looking guys.
  • Blake Mason - A big producer of British amateur online videos featuring lads up to about mid 30s.
  • English Lads - Producers of photo sets of straight looking, muscular guys (18 to mid 20s only) in solos and duos.
  • Triga Films - Producers of Scally and "Real Man" porn.
  • UK Naked Men - Producers of high quality, online video for UK Naked Men and Butch Dixon. Only masculine guys over 23 years old are featured here.
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